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Hydro Extractor Machine


  • The inner basket and out cylinder is make of stainless Steel which is anti –corrosion , sturdy , durable and slipper, for protecting the cloths from damage during the operation.
  • Self balancing operation design uses the high centrifugal force to draw out the suds, dirt and moisture after washing .
  • installed simply with three legs bolts, the machines can keep working safely and quietly with a long life.
  • Our machine extracts up to 90% water from the laundry dryer in each load , it shortens time and make more profit effect, it shorten more time and dryer more garments.
  • It will be safely operate for three feet holder.
  • Three –point suspended design let it have good elastic and avoid vibrating..
  • It may be stopped moving at any time for good brake.
  • Applicable to washing & bleaching industry , textile industry, chemical industry, oil industry and so on .
  • Other voltage is available for selection

For Optional

  • Touch screen PLC System
  • Pneumatic Drain
  • Pneumatic/Jack Brake System
  • INVT Invertor
  • Top Lid
  • Pneumatic top Lid


Capacity Will be As Per Your Requirement 

  • Drum Size dia as Per Capacity
  • Capacity As per your Requirements.
  • Drum sheets2.5mm, outer body sheet 2.5mm SS304L
  • Drum Drive 1400RPM motor (original looted) as Per Capacity
  • Manual leather brake system
  • Drum Base ¾” MS plate with lining 2mm SS 304L
  • Structure base plate ¾”
  • MS mounting casting leg & MS channel 6” for base structure
  • MS drain pipe 3”