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Tumbler dryer Machine


  • The forward and reverse rotary action will prevent entanglement of garments.
  • Our machine is the best drying equipment with high working efficiency which at lowest voice and covers small space
  • The inner basket is make of stainless Steel which is anti –corrosion , sturdy , durable, for protecting the cloths from damage during the operation
  • more profit effect, it shorten more time and dryer more garments.
  • Applicable to washing & bleaching industry , textile industry, chemical industry, oil industry and so on .


For Optional

  1. Heating Source
  • Heat Exchanger
  • MS Heat Exchanger  With Aluminum Fins
  • SS Heat Exchanger
  • Copper Heat Exchanger

2) Touch screen PLC System

3) All Stainless Steel in wet surface


Capacity Will be As Per Your Requirement

  • Drum Size 5’x5’
  • Front Plate with 2mm SS
  • Drum sheets 1.5mm perforated SS 304L
  • Back and front Blind SS 1.5 mm SS 304L
  • Back blind supported with MS sheet 5 mm thickness
  • MS Sheet 16gauge thickness for both sides
  • MS Plate 3mm back & channel MS 20mm plate for shaft
    & bearing fitting
  • MS Sheet 10mm for pully & bearing fitting
  • Inside & base MS Sheet 18 Gauge for Double Jackets
  • Reverse forward panel with timer
  • Panel with LG accessories
  • Drum Drive 3HP 900RPM motor
  • Blower with 3HP 1400RPM (with double blower)
  • Cabin of heat exchanger with 2mm MS sheets
  • Pully with bush system
  • Control with auto control switch system
  • Door design two star textile engineering
  • Heat Exchanger with 16mm tube and aluminum finiz 0.5mm x 10mm
  • Heat exchanger with 3 piece design as per two star
  • MS sheet 12 mm and MS pipe 6mm thickness for steam header
  • Paint